Over 500,000 Units Sold in 2014!

Units sold in 20142014 turned out to be a great year for the GMC brand. The Sierra had its best sales year since 2005! The Yukon followed with its best sales year since 2007 selling over 71,000 units. The Terrain had its best sales year ever and the Acadia won Edmunds.com’s Most Popular Large Crossover SUV of 2014. Finally the Canyon won Autoweek Magazine’s Best of the Best Truck for 2015!

The ultra-plush Denali lineup also saw sales gains in 2014. More than 21% of GMC sales to individual customers were vehicles from the Denali lineup. More than half of the year’s Yukon retail sales were Denalis and 35% of Sierra HD sales were Denalis. As you can see, the Denali lineup adds a little something extra to GMC’s already impressive lineup.

As you can see, GMC offers a pretty impressive lineup of trucks, CUVs, and SUVs. The brand hopes to continue the positive momentum into 2015! “In 2014 we had the freshest portfolio of GMC products on our lots including a full range of pickups, with the all-new Canyon. The new Yukon lineup has also driven high consumer interest to our store with its bold styling, especially the Yukon Denali,” said Chief Operating Officer at Motor City Buick GMC, John Pitre.

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A Glimpse at the Future: The Buick Avenir Concept Revealed at Detroit

Buick Avenir Concept RevealedBuick gave the world a glimpse into the “future” with the revelation of its newest concept car, aptly named, the Buick Avenir–meaning “future” in French.

“It demonstrates the growing international reach of Buick and offers an exciting vision of where it can go,” said the company in a statement.

The futuristic Buick Avenir Concept revealed last week demonstrates a sporty and forceful look with its upswept headlights and carved, shapely body–much like a cat ready to pounce! The interior is equipped with Buick’s next-generation IntelliLink multimedia system displayed on a touchscreen and includes driver-recognition features, which has the capability to automatically sync smartphones. With seating for four, the full-size sedan enables rear passengers to view video screens inserted into the front passenger seatbacks and utilize USB ports to connect devices.

Under the hood, the Avenir offers a realistic view of what future Buick cars may entail: the next generation, direct-injected V6 engine with Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation system, which includes a stop-start feature.

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A New Year’s (Automotive) Resolution: Distraction-Free Driving Tips

distraction-free driving tipsEven if you already have a New Year’s resolution, we at Ewing Buick GMC think you should consider another one: distraction-free driving. With nearly 80% of crashes occurring because of driver distraction, you could greatly improve driving safety by following some of these distraction-free driving tips.

The first and most obvious tip is to put your phone down. According to the National DMV, drivers are distracted by secondary activities nearly 30% of the time while driving. Therefore, it makes sense to not only silence or turn off your phone, but put it somewhere you can’t reach it while driving.

Tip number two: drive solo when possible. Although you might not realize it, simply having a passenger in the car greatly increases the odds of an accident. If you do have a passenger, remember to keep conversation light.

Our third tip is to put down the burger. We’ve all seen the guy on the highway driving with his knees, hands busy with burgers and fries. Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking while driving. Two hands are better than one, guaranteed.

Last but not least, don’t fiddle with the knobs. If you’re prone to messing with the radio while driving, consider keeping it off while you drive. Although it might be hard to listen to only one station or silence, it’s always good to keep your eyes on the road.

Stop-Motion Gingerbread House Video from Buick Sends Sugary Cheer

gingerbread house video from BuickDid you get to watch your favorite Christmas television specials over the holidays? We enjoyed sharing the adventures of Frosty and Rudolph with our families, like we do every year.

A delightful greeting card video from Buick reminded us of some of our favorite stop motion animated holiday specials from Rankin/Bass and Will Vinton. The automaker posted it on YouTube to keep the spirit of the holidays alive in the new year.

The first portion of the gingerbread house video from Buick shows its assembly via time-lapse photography on a table in the center of an office room, worked on by multiple participants.

That gives way to a fully-assembled, modern-looking gingerbread house with a stop-motion animated sequence: a red, edible Buick Regal (a festive color choice) pulls out of the garage and down the driveway.

If the video made you hungry for gingerbread, it’s probably not too late to pick up some at your grocery store on the discount shelf! If you build some of your favorite Buick models out of gingerbread, be sure to share some pictures with Ewing Buick GMC!