The Differences Between Chemical and Physical Sunscreen Are More Than You Think


the difference between Chemical and Physical Sunscreen
Enjoy the Beach This Summer

Though most of us know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin from the sun’s UV rays, many do not know the different types of sunscreen available. Primarily – there are physical sunscreens, chemical sunscreens, and hybrid types that include both physical and chemical properties.

The terms “physical” and “chemical” refer to the product’s method of blocking UV rays. Physical sunscreens create a physical barrier between your skin and the sun, with products such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide.

Meanwhile, chemical sunscreens use chemicals to actually absorb the sun’s rays. There are many chemicals commonly found in these types of sunscreen, including octylcrylene, avobenzone, and octinoxate.

So which type of sunscreen is right for you? Overall, both chemical and physical sunscreen will offer you significant protection, but each have their own pros and cons.

For example, while physical sunscreen is gentler on the skin and becomes effective the moment it’s applied, some physical ingredients do not cover the full UV spectrum. Conversely – chemical sunscreens offer full-spectrum protection but can irritate your eyes and skin and take twenty minutes to become effective.

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New 2016 Encore Spy Shots Reveal Buick’s Upcoming Compact SUV

2016 Encore Spy Shots
The Encore Gets an Encore

Looking forward to the 2016 Buick Encore? The upcoming redesigned model looks to be the most powerful and innovative Encore model yet – based on new spy shots of the car that have been snapped while the model underwent testing.

The 2016 Encore spy shots don’t reveal the car in its entirety, since the automaker is still hiding much of the body with a camouflage tarp, but the images still show off quite a bit. For one, it seems as if the 2016 Encore is getting a new grille.

Many are predicting that the new Encore model will be less clunky and boxy, and more sleek and angled. These images seem to fit along with that theory, particularly concerning the front fascia of the model.

What do you think of the spy photos? Check out a gallery here, and let us know what you think about 2016 Buick Encore in the comments.