Winter Activities near Plano, Texas

winter activities near Plano
Dallas World Aquarium & Rainforest Shark Tunnel

In Texas, we have the benefit of enjoying near-ideal weather all winter long. Snow is a rarity and you rarely have to don more than a jacket. This means, we can enjoy a wide range of activities all season long. Here are some great winter activities near Plano, Texas.

  • Take a class. If 40-degree weather is still too cold for you. Stay indoors and learn something new by taking a class. If you want to improve your comedic skills, sign up for a class at the Dallas Comedy House School of Improv.
  • Head outdoors. Enjoy the wonderfully mild temperatures by heading outdoors. Take an afternoon stroll through the beautiful Arbor Hills Nature Preserve or Oak Point Park & Nature Preserve, both located right here in Plano.
  • Dallas World Aquarium & Rainforest. If you’re always yearning for the heat, get a taste of tropical weather when you visit the great aquarium in Dallas. You’ll get to see flora and fauna from five continents.
  • Fort Worth Stockyards. For a Texan experience like no other, head to Fort Worth and visit the historic stockyards. Here, you can watch real cowhands drive the cattle twice daily. There are also restaurants, shopping, and great all-around fun.

What fun activities are you adding to your winter itinerary? Tell Ewing Buick GMC in the comments below or come to our dealership in Plano, TX today.

Buick and Ellie Kemper Team Up to Show off the New Cascada

Buick and Ellie Kemper
Ellie Kemper Meets The Cascada

If you love the bubbly, quirky Ellie Kemper in the Netflix show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then you will love her in Buick’s new digital ad campaign for the 2016 Buick Cascada and other great Buick vehicles.

For the ads, Buick and Ellie Kemper join together to show off the fun and imaginative sides of the Buick vehicles. In the ads, Kemper shows off her vivacious personality as she imagines herself getting to know the Buick lineup.

“Our Ellie Kemper series invites viewers to join her in discovering the new Cascada and today’s modern, approachable Buick brand,” said Duncan Aldred, U.S. Vice President of Buick and GMC Sales, Service and Marketing, in a statement.  “This innovative digital-only campaign is another example of how Buick surprises consumers and reach audiences in exciting new ways.”

Watch the full three-minute ad below.

You can also see other spots with Kemper that highlight some great Buick Cascada features like the heated steering wheel and automatic convertible roof on Buick’s YouTube channel.

What do you think of this new series of Buick digital ads? Tell Ewing Buick GMC in Plano, TX below.