How Buick Made 1.4 Million Sales in 2017

Buick Made 1.4 Million Sales
Growth Due To The Avenir

How do you beat your own sales records and continue to grow as a company? Just ask Buick, because the brand that has made 1.4 million sales globally for two straight years.

Automotive Growth

The automotive company has been growing steadily over the last five years at an 8.4% annual growth. More specifically, Buick’s 2017 sales saw a 15.1% growth in Canada and a 1.6% growth in the United States.

A Huge Year For Buick (Buick Made 1.4 Million Sales)

So, what is it about this brand that’s encouraging more sales? To understand, one need only look at the various models. It turns out that 2017 was a huge year for Buick, who spent the year debuting some significant changes to their 2018 model year lineup.

Buick Avenir Models

For instance, 2017 brought the very first Buick Avenir trim to the public in the form of the Buick Enclave Avenir, a high-end SUV that’s proven a popular pick for consumers. The 2018 model year also introduced the new coupe-esque Buick Regal Sportback and the capable Buick Regal TourX wagon.

More In The Future

With a fresh lineup and more changes on the horizon—including the next high-end Avenir vehicles—we’re sure that Buick will continue to reach new customers and to bring in more sales. Come check out the new models with us at Ewing Buick GMC in Plano, TX.

TEDx Plano 2018

TEDx Plano
Let’s Talk About Plano!

There’s plenty to be said about Plano, Texas, and one of our favorite things to note about the city is its intelligent and versatile residents. At Ewing Buick GMC, we can’t help but notice that our customers are often very bright and curious people, which is why we weren’t surprised to hear about the TEDx Plano group.

Ideas Worth Spreading

TED is a media organization that films and distributes educational, inspiring talks online. Their slogan “ideas worth spreading” is indicative of the fascinating content of their media.

TED Mission

On a smaller scale, there’s TEDx, a program that was created with the TED mission in mind. TEDx focuses on smaller, specific communities, and is designed to encourage connection and conversation on topics within those communities.

TEDx Plano Coming Soon

Plano, Texas has its own TEDx program, and the 2018 event is coming up very soon. On April 7th at the Courtyard Theater, ticket holders can gather to watch a lineup of speakers talk on the theme: Plus (+). Speakers might take this theme any which way but will stick to the foundation of TED—technology, entertainment, and design—as well as any relevant connection to North Texas.

Get Your Tickets

Tickets for the TEDx Plano events are $50-$75 and often sell out quickly. If you wish to attend the TEDx Plano 2018 event, it’s recommended that you buy your tickets ASAP. Let all of us at Ewing Buick GMC know if you have any questions.