The Buick Intellilink System

Buick Intellilink SystemSure, infotainment systems are popular these days, and consumers are coming to expect them in cars across all brands, lines, and models. Dependability is key, however, and General Motors knows that. That’s why The General make sure that the Buick Intellilink system was the ultimate infotainment system.

GM issued a press release that stated it had created a test bench for its Intellilink systems. It replicates every module the system interacts with and simulates realistic day-to-day usage.

GM searches for lags in computing time and other faults with this system. Those lags are incredibly important to locate because they are crucial to your driving experience.

The GM engineering team searches for smooth operation, and your convenience is their highest concern. This test bench models 210 days of operation in a week. It contains 2 million commands, and with that kind of precision you are sure to get the best driving experience.

Here at Ewing Buick GMC, we know our Buick Intellilink system is top of the line and want to help you experience it.

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