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2016 Buick LaCrosse Spy Shots Inspire Excitement, Speculation

2015 Buick LaCrosse
2015 Buick LaCrosse – Available at Ewing Buick GMC!

Most of us are probably familiar with Buick’s “That’s not a Buick!” campaign. The ads draw attention to the fact that Buick has entered new territory lately, making a lot of new fans in previously-untapped demographics and taking all of their old fans with them.

The new 2016 Buick LaCrosse has been recently spotted and it definitely has a lot of people proclaiming, “That’s not a Buick.” Of course, it might just be because the LaCrosse is all wrapped up in camouflage.

Despite the camo, Car and Driver was able to discern from the 2016 Buick LaCrosse spy shots that the LaCrosse has “a gently sloping backlight, a crease along its lower body, and a trademark character line that runs from the rear door to the haunches.” The full-size was refreshed in 2014.

For now, we can only speculate about much of what’s going under the camouflage. Car And Driver suspects that the 2016 Buick LaCrosse may be one of the first GM vehicles to receive the nine-speed transmission that is the lovechild of Ford and GM. There’s further suspicion that the LaCrosse will be blessed with GM’s turbocharged four-cylinder.

We at Ewing Buick GMC say—forget the specifics; under that camouflage is undoubtedly greatness!

A Glimpse at the Future: The Buick Avenir Concept Revealed at Detroit

Buick Avenir Concept RevealedBuick gave the world a glimpse into the “future” with the revelation of its newest concept car, aptly named, the Buick Avenir–meaning “future” in French.

“It demonstrates the growing international reach of Buick and offers an exciting vision of where it can go,” said the company in a statement.

The futuristic Buick Avenir Concept revealed last week demonstrates a sporty and forceful look with its upswept headlights and carved, shapely body–much like a cat ready to pounce! The interior is equipped with Buick’s next-generation IntelliLink multimedia system displayed on a touchscreen and includes driver-recognition features, which has the capability to automatically sync smartphones. With seating for four, the full-size sedan enables rear passengers to view video screens inserted into the front passenger seatbacks and utilize USB ports to connect devices.

Under the hood, the Avenir offers a realistic view of what future Buick cars may entail: the next generation, direct-injected V6 engine with Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation system, which includes a stop-start feature.

Come visit Ewing Buick GMC, where we will be happy to show you many of the Buick’s newest innovations certain to brighten your future.

Stop-Motion Gingerbread House Video from Buick Sends Sugary Cheer

gingerbread house video from BuickDid you get to watch your favorite Christmas television specials over the holidays? We enjoyed sharing the adventures of Frosty and Rudolph with our families, like we do every year.

A delightful greeting card video from Buick reminded us of some of our favorite stop motion animated holiday specials from Rankin/Bass and Will Vinton. The automaker posted it on YouTube to keep the spirit of the holidays alive in the new year.

The first portion of the gingerbread house video from Buick shows its assembly via time-lapse photography on a table in the center of an office room, worked on by multiple participants.

That gives way to a fully-assembled, modern-looking gingerbread house with a stop-motion animated sequence: a red, edible Buick Regal (a festive color choice) pulls out of the garage and down the driveway.

If the video made you hungry for gingerbread, it’s probably not too late to pick up some at your grocery store on the discount shelf! If you build some of your favorite Buick models out of gingerbread, be sure to share some pictures with Ewing Buick GMC!

The Buick Intellilink System

Buick Intellilink SystemSure, infotainment systems are popular these days, and consumers are coming to expect them in cars across all brands, lines, and models. Dependability is key, however, and General Motors knows that. That’s why The General make sure that the Buick Intellilink system was the ultimate infotainment system.

GM issued a press release that stated it had created a test bench for its Intellilink systems. It replicates every module the system interacts with and simulates realistic day-to-day usage.

GM searches for lags in computing time and other faults with this system. Those lags are incredibly important to locate because they are crucial to your driving experience.

The GM engineering team searches for smooth operation, and your convenience is their highest concern. This test bench models 210 days of operation in a week. It contains 2 million commands, and with that kind of precision you are sure to get the best driving experience.

Here at Ewing Buick GMC, we know our Buick Intellilink system is top of the line and want to help you experience it.

New Buick Verano Brings Luxury Feel to Compact Segment

The Buick Verano sits at the low-end of the Buick lineup in terms of size, but it’s certainly not low on quality. In fact, the new Buick Verano, equipped with all kinds of technology and style, actually brings a luxury feel to the compact segment. While other brands stash their worst car at the bottom of the lineup, Buick instead has created a surprising gem in the Verano.

New Buick Verano
2015 Buick Verano

One of the things that sets the Verano apart is its 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability. Sure, it’s not the only car in the world to feature that technology, but it’s amazing that the Buick brand found a way to fit that advanced technology into the Verano while keeping it an affordable compact car. Thanks to that technology, you can stream music, make calls, use navigation systems and more—all without using a data plan.

The Verano also features a 250-horsepower engine and gives owners a choice between a six-speed automatic and a six-speed manual transmission. It even comes with other luxury touches—a rearview camera, keyless entry, and more. Plus, it’s a top safety pick. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your budget, make sure to come in to Ewing Buick GMC to check out the Buick Verano.

GMC Plans Future Jeep Wrangler Rival

Jeep Wrangler RivalOver the past decade, many carmakers have tried to create a vehicle that can go head-to-head with the popular Jeep Wrangler, and their attempt have been without success. SUVs like the Toyota FJ Cruiser and the entire Hummer lineup have been left behind for the Wrangler’s rugged appearance, causing the SUV to have somewhat of a cult following. Now, GMC has decided to give creating a Jeep Wrangler rival a try. Already known for its rugged SUVs, the American carmaker is the one challenger that just might succeed.

During a recent discussion with, Buick-GMC vice president Duncan Aldred commented that, while plans for a lineup expansion aren’t currently in the works, in the future they definitely will expand because “there is plenty of room everywhere in the hierarchy.”

Along with the possible Jeep Wrangler rival, this means a luxury SUV, positioned over the Yukon Denali, might be in works as well.

To see what types of SUVS GMC has to offer you now, make sure you stop in to Ewing Buick GMC today and give our vehicles a test drive!

New GMC Pickup Boasts Perfect Body

The rest of the midsize truck market must simply be crushed. Not only does the new GMC pickup, the Canyon, boast some of the best fuel efficiency numbers on the market while remaining extremely powerful and capable, the truck can also boast about its perfect body as well. It’s like that hot guy from high school who was also smart and sensitive. Everyone hated that guy.

There’s no reason to hate the new Canyon, though, which comes with a body that was put together with laser precision. No, literally—a laser scanner was used to make sure everything fit together well. “We’re working with an entirely new vehicle architecture as well as the latest technology available for dimensional management,” said Bryan Vickery, dimensional engineer for Body Maintenance at Wentzville. “The process is a big part of delivering improved body structures, which translates to great vehicles to our customers.”

New GMC Pickup
2015 GMC Canyon

The Canyon, obviously, is the best at just about everything. So come see us as soon as possible here at Ewing Buick GMC to get behind the wheel of this “perfect” new vehicle. They’re popular and they fly off the lot really fast, though, so make sure to come see us as soon as possible.

2015 Buick LaCrosse Options are Abundant

2015 Buick LaCrosse Options
2015 Buick LaCrosse

We here at Ewing Buick GMC have to agree with The Detroit News, which says that the new Buick LaCrosse is “positively not like the stodgy Buicks of old.” Well, we still love the aged Buicks, but the new LaCrosse is definitely something to be very excited about!

First of all, 2015 Buick LaCrosse options are extensive. For buyers who have a strong interest in fuel efficiency, they can pick up the LaCrosse with a four-cylinder, 182-horsepower motor with electric assist. Buyers who want a little more power can obtain the LaCrosse with a V6, nudging the horsepower up to 304.

It should also be known that in a recent survey by Consumer Reports, the Buick LaCrosse was voted to be the most reliable vehicle in its class. In fact, it was the only domestic vehicle to make the list of ten most reliable vehicles.

Add an extremely quiet interior, remote start, and three free months of OnStar 4G LTE, and the new 2015 Buick LaCrosse may be the first car to have it all!

GMC Pickup Sales Help Brand Reach Best October Sales Since 2007

GMC pickup sales
GMC Sierra Models

After sales were counted and numbers were crunched, GMC’s retail sales for October showed a 6 percent increase over last year during the same period, making this the best October sales recorded since 2007. GMC pickup sales were a key player in that success.

Sales of GMC’s full-size Sierra totaled 18,564 units, which was an increase of 12 percent over October 2013 sales for the model. Meanwhile, the Sierra HD models continue to gain traction among customers looking for a truck that can handle heavier lifting without sacrificing comfort and style. HD models now account for 27 percent of Sierra models sold.

Of course, the GMC truck lineup recently added the all-new Canyon. The mid-size truck just completed its first full month of sales, and the assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri is working hard to keep meeting customer demand.

“Given the unrivaled breadth of our pickup portfolio, it isn’t surprising to see GMC pickups gained popularity last month,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC’s U.S. vice president. “From Canyon to Sierra HD, along with the distinctive Denali and All-Terrain model lines, we’re able to offer customers a pickup that’s tailored to their needs.”

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Bob Seger Promotes Buick with “Detroit Made” Song

Bob Seger, a music legend thanks to his iconic “Old Time Rock and Roll,” has released a new album that features the song “Detroit Made.”

Followers of Chevy have heard use of his song “Like a Rock” in commercials, which has gained him many young fans. Now, it’s only fitting that Seger’s “Detroit Made,” which is a direct to the Buick Electra 225, be used to promote Buick. Get ready to hear about the culture of Detroit, the Motor City, and how the Buick Electra 225 is a smooth car that is the pinnacle of American-made cars.

GM Authority says, “Buick continues to be the oldest existing American automotive brand and is still located in Flint despite General Motors headquarters being in downtown Detroit.” The auto industry is a competitive one and this shows how Buick is not afraid to compete against its rivals, even when in a neighboring city of father company GM. The brand is secure manufacturing in Flint and is in no hurry to change how they are doing things. If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!

That’s what Seger says about Buick with “Detroit Made,” Rock out in a new Buick from Ewing Buick GMC today!