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Warmer Weather Approaches: Car Cooling Tricks to Avoid the Heat

Car Cooling Tricks
Spring Maintenance

Spring is finally here, and while for many, that means the joy of the winter months melting away, others are concerned about the dreaded car heat. You know, that horrible wave of hot air that hits you when you return to your parked car? To prevent this summer staple, just in time for the warm weather to roll around, all of us at Ewing Buick GMC have put together a list of car cooling tricks:

  • Park in the shade if there are any covered spots available.
  • Manufacture some shade for yourself, with a blanket or a sun shade, up against the windshield.
  • Once you’re back in the car – make sure you’ve got you’re A/C set to fresh air as opposed to recirculation, which would take much longer to cool down.
  • Take your car in for a routine check-up to make sure everything is working properly, particularly the vents and air conditioning.
  • Have an emergency supply of water in the car to keep you hydrated, which also helps to bring down body temperature.

Have any other tips to cool down hot cars? Let us know in the comments.

Stop-Motion Gingerbread House Video from Buick Sends Sugary Cheer

gingerbread house video from BuickDid you get to watch your favorite Christmas television specials over the holidays? We enjoyed sharing the adventures of Frosty and Rudolph with our families, like we do every year.

A delightful greeting card video from Buick reminded us of some of our favorite stop motion animated holiday specials from Rankin/Bass and Will Vinton. The automaker posted it on YouTube to keep the spirit of the holidays alive in the new year.

The first portion of the gingerbread house video from Buick shows its assembly via time-lapse photography on a table in the center of an office room, worked on by multiple participants.

That gives way to a fully-assembled, modern-looking gingerbread house with a stop-motion animated sequence: a red, edible Buick Regal (a festive color choice) pulls out of the garage and down the driveway.

If the video made you hungry for gingerbread, it’s probably not too late to pick up some at your grocery store on the discount shelf! If you build some of your favorite Buick models out of gingerbread, be sure to share some pictures with Ewing Buick GMC!

Bob Seger Promotes Buick with “Detroit Made” Song

Bob Seger, a music legend thanks to his iconic “Old Time Rock and Roll,” has released a new album that features the song “Detroit Made.”

Followers of Chevy have heard use of his song “Like a Rock” in commercials, which has gained him many young fans. Now, it’s only fitting that Seger’s “Detroit Made,” which is a direct to the Buick Electra 225, be used to promote Buick. Get ready to hear about the culture of Detroit, the Motor City, and how the Buick Electra 225 is a smooth car that is the pinnacle of American-made cars.

GM Authority says, “Buick continues to be the oldest existing American automotive brand and is still located in Flint despite General Motors headquarters being in downtown Detroit.” The auto industry is a competitive one and this shows how Buick is not afraid to compete against its rivals, even when in a neighboring city of father company GM. The brand is secure manufacturing in Flint and is in no hurry to change how they are doing things. If it isn’t broken then don’t fix it!

That’s what Seger says about Buick with “Detroit Made,” Rock out in a new Buick from Ewing Buick GMC today!

Gas-Saving Tips

gas-saving tipsAre you planning on taking a road trip this summer? If some long-distance driving is in your plans this summer, be sure to check out these gas-saving tips. At Ewing Buick GMC we want to help you keep more money in your pocket during your trip to the beach or city this summer.

  1. Schedule maintenance at Ewing Buick GMC. Our trusted service team will make sure your fluids are topped-off, your tires have plenty of tread, and your oil change is up-to-date. Before you take any long journey, be sure to have your car checked out by the professionals.
  2. Relax and slow down, you’re on vacation after all! The higher the speed, the more gas/fuel you’re using. Slow down and take in the scenery while you are cruising down the interstate. You never know what you might see!
  3. Use cruise control when you can. If you are doing some major highway driving, cruise control will help you maintain a consistent speed while keeping you from wasting gas.
  4. Pack only the necessities. Extra baggage means extra weight which will definitely hurt your wallet when it comes to gas prices. When packing, try to keep your luggage within the vehicle as storing overhead can cause extra drag.

From the team here at Ewing we sincerely wish you safe travels this summer!

Car2go Makes Carsharing Easy Nationwide

With Car2go, find a car parked nearby and drive it to your destination.

Car2go is a carsharing service, and part of a growing network of companies offering two-seater smart cars for people on the go who just need to get from point A to point B. Perfect for travelers and residents of metropolitan areas, cars are available so you can get where you need to go.

The idea is simple: get online to see where the nearest Car2go vehicle is parked, use your membership card to get in the car and drive where you need to go. Park the car, and get on with your day. One of the other 700,000 Car2go users will find the car you just parked is in a convenient location, and take it where they need to go. Hourly rates include full access to the cars, insurance coverage, and fuel.

Car2go is an incredibly efficient and easy way for occasional travel – great for tourists and city-dwellers who generally don’t need a car. Car2go is located in major cities around the world, from Rome to Amsterdam and Seattle to Miami, Car2go allows you access to a car when you wouldn’t otherwise.

Car2go was boirn in Germany in 2008, and has been rapidly expanding ever since. Austin, TX saw the first stateside Car2go service, and following their great success, many cities have jumped onboard. In its newest endeavor, Car2go will be introduced to Southern California, from El Segundo to Lomita, on June 6th.

If you’ll be travelling to a major city and don’t need a rental car, but may need to make an occasional drive, consider Car2go, or a similar carsharing service.

Enter to Win at Ewing Buick GMC!

Enter to Win at Ewing Buick GMC!
Enter our Mother’s Day Photo Contest!

How would you like to win a $100 gift card to The Capital Grille? It’s easy at Ewing Buick GMC! Enter our Mother’s Day Photo Contest via Facebook for a chance to win! Think of how nice it would be to take your mom out for a nice dinner… ON US!

All you have to do is “Like” us on Facebook and then visit our Contest App located on our page. You can also access the contest directly by visiting Upload your photo and vote for your favorite entries! The contest ends May 16th at 12PM CT so be sure to get your entry in early. The earlier you submit, the more time you have to recruit your friends to vote for your photo.

The photo with the most votes (at least 30) by the end time and date will be our lucky winner! We already have entries, so be sure to get your photo in soon!

Enter to win at Ewing Buick GMC and to all of you moms out there, have a Happy Mother’s Day!