The Future of Buick and GMC Is Bright

This year has been very good to both the Buick and GMC brands. In a recent interview on Autoline This Week, Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales, Duncan Aldred, spoke about the future of Buick and GMC.

Aldred shared his excitement about Buick’s recent marketing success with its series of ads that show how the brand is rising above people’s misconceptions. He commented that these ads are changing perceptions of the brand and that is turning into real sales. He goes on to describe the Buick brand as inclusive and designed for those who feel successful and confident.

As for the future of Buick, Aldred said he does not want to expand the lineup too quickly and is comfortable with the current five-model lineup. With a smaller selection, it allows customers to get to know each model and find the one that is right for them.

For the GMC side, Aldred said they expect to sell about 500,000 GMC vehicles in the US this year, and will launch a new ad campaign next year that will help “position it very much as a premium brand.”

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