Stop-Motion Gingerbread House Video from Buick Sends Sugary Cheer

gingerbread house video from BuickDid you get to watch your favorite Christmas television specials over the holidays? We enjoyed sharing the adventures of Frosty and Rudolph with our families, like we do every year.

A delightful greeting card video from Buick reminded us of some of our favorite stop motion animated holiday specials from Rankin/Bass and Will Vinton. The automaker posted it on YouTube to keep the spirit of the holidays alive in the new year.

The first portion of the gingerbread house video from Buick shows its assembly via time-lapse photography on a table in the center of an office room, worked on by multiple participants.

That gives way to a fully-assembled, modern-looking gingerbread house with a stop-motion animated sequence: a red, edible Buick Regal (a festive color choice) pulls out of the garage and down the driveway.

If the video made you hungry for gingerbread, it’s probably not too late to pick up some at your grocery store on the discount shelf! If you build some of your favorite Buick models out of gingerbread, be sure to share some pictures with Ewing Buick GMC!

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