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This Spring Season, Don’t Forget These Flood Driving Safety Tips

Flood Driving Safety Tips
Flood Safety Tips

The snow may be gone, but now that spring has arrived, a new road hazard has taken its place: flash floods.

Though you may aim to begin your trips when the skies are clear, you just never know when the rain will begin. In the event of a flash flood, try to remember these flood driving safety tips:

  • Slow down as soon as the rain begins, because this time period is when hydroplaning is most likely to occur.
  • Never attempt to drive through a sitting body of water; just 12 inches of water can cause your vehicle to float.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for floating debris, and avoid areas with downed power lines entirely.
  • If your car does become stuck, as frustrating as it may be – you need to abandon the vehicle and seek shelter. You are more important than your car!

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