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How to Keep Your New Year Resolution

How To Keep Your New Year ResolutionKeeping a New Year resolution can be challenging for even the most motivated people. Staying motivated is a battle within itself, especially if you aren’t sure how to go about succeeding in your resolution. Fortunately you don’t have to walk into your resolution blind. We here at Ewing Buick GMC have a few great tips to help you keep your New Year resolution in 2017!

  • Slow Down – When it comes to tackling your New Year resolution, it’s best to do so slowly. Changing several habits at once, for example, will increase the likelihood of failure. Start by changing one small habit and doing so consistently, then move on to another. Try to develop a rough schedule throughout the year so you can tackle each part of your resolution with full force.
  • Talk – Sometimes talking is one of the simplest ways to motivate yourself. Find a friend, family member, or pet that’s willing to sit and listen. They may even offer some advice. Simply discuss your resolution, what you want out of it, and how you plan to get it.
  • Relax – Failing once doesn’t mean your year is wasted. Shake the shortcoming off and try again. There’s nothing wrong with failure provided you can always get back up and give your resolution another shot!

A New Year’s (Automotive) Resolution: Distraction-Free Driving Tips

distraction-free driving tipsEven if you already have a New Year’s resolution, we at Ewing Buick GMC think you should consider another one: distraction-free driving. With nearly 80% of crashes occurring because of driver distraction, you could greatly improve driving safety by following some of these distraction-free driving tips.

The first and most obvious tip is to put your phone down. According to the National DMV, drivers are distracted by secondary activities nearly 30% of the time while driving. Therefore, it makes sense to not only silence or turn off your phone, but put it somewhere you can’t reach it while driving.

Tip number two: drive solo when possible. Although you might not realize it, simply having a passenger in the car greatly increases the odds of an accident. If you do have a passenger, remember to keep conversation light.

Our third tip is to put down the burger. We’ve all seen the guy on the highway driving with his knees, hands busy with burgers and fries. Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking while driving. Two hands are better than one, guaranteed.

Last but not least, don’t fiddle with the knobs. If you’re prone to messing with the radio while driving, consider keeping it off while you drive. Although it might be hard to listen to only one station or silence, it’s always good to keep your eyes on the road.

Car Maintenance Tips

car maintenance tipsAlthough we have plenty of warm months ahead, summer is abruptly coming to an end. The kids will be back in school and vacation season will sadly cease. Now that things are getting back into a normal routine, it is important that you take care of your car’s needs. Here are some maintenance tips to help your car transition back.

  1. Check your tires – make sure that they are correctly inflated. If they are under or over inflated, you may have serious issues while on the road.
  2. Change your oil and oil filter – Make sure you change your oil between 3,000 and 7,500 miles. Also check your oil levels every other time you fill up your gas tank.
  3. Check your hoses and belts – Look for cracks, leaks, and deterioration.
  4. Check your coolant – Don’t let your car overheat while you are waiting in morning traffic.
  5. Replace your windshield wipers – Being able to see correctly out of the windshield is the most important thing about driving. If your wipers are leaving streaks, it’s time to replace them!
  6. Check your brakes – If you hear squeaky sounds when you stop your vehicle, it’s time to replace your brakes.
  7. Clean your battery- Look for corrosion! A clean battery will last longer and save you more money.

If you have any questions about car maintenance tips, speak with the professionals at Ewing Buick GMC! Make an appointment for service by giving us a call at (972) 665-3148.